Our Services

Big Data Introduction and Initiation

Many enterprise are just starting their Big Data journey or have not started yet. We conduct few consulting sessions free of cost to give an introduction to Big Data and how business are using it to achieve various capabilities that are not possible or very difficult to achieve with traditional IT technologies.

This is a free offering with significant value. To schedule your free Big Data Introduction session please contact us.

Big Data Business Cases for Enterprise Success.

Developing Big Data solutions differ from many traditional IT projects. For a Big Data initiative to deliver value to an Enterprise, comprehensive ground work is mandatory. We work closely with our clients to uncover Big Data opportunities specific for their business that has maximum potential of delivering ground breaking advantages.

We evaluate full spectrum of Big Data solutions activities and prerequisites against value propositions to develop sound Big Data business cases which becomes foundation of Big Data success.

Data Analysis and Data Procurement

Having the right information is key to any solution and it’s especially important for significant number of Big Data solution. We help our clients understandtheir data and the missing pieces that could deliver tremendous value. Once the missing pieces of data is identified we explore our vast variety of free and paid data sources to complete the data land scape that drives value.

We also identify and implement data completion tools to create complete and meaningful data.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is poised to be corner stone of a profitable and competitive business. The companies having superior predictive analytics will win. We offer our clients comprehensive predictive analytics solutions.

Our data scientist build industry leading predictive models based on variety of data that becomes foundation of a successful predictive solutions for clients.

360 Degree Customer Profile

Businesses need to know more about their customers more than ever before. We help our clients develop industry leading customer profile solution that enable them to sell right products to existing customers at right time and tailor their products to meet customer needs closely.

Big Data Eco Systems

Big data is not meant to replace existing IT systems but is intended to be added to it. We help our clients to increase intra company use of data with Big Data Technologies and implement data lakes that unlocks data access to an unprecedented levels with security.

We help clients make Big Data part of their business and implement processes and methods to manage it.

Big Data Solution Implementation

We offer Big Data solution implementation utilizing variety of cutting edge technologies and platforms. Our innovative solutions have immensely benefitted our clients. We have comprehensive and talented teams having expertise in many diverse set of skills which is essential for Big Data solutions. We are one of the best Big Data solution providers.

Our specialized knowledge and experience for Big Data project life cycles make us first choice with our clients.